The Lye Saga
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story nine

A story with Krillin in it, just for Rob.

It has been two months since Halamoii came to earth. She's living with Chi Chi, and they get along VERY well. They're like sisters. She had been given a sword by her father before he died, and had asked Trunks to train her . When he said no, Vegeta agreed. He wanted to train her to be strong, so he waould have a good sparring partner.


"Fuck this!" Halamoii bitched, throwing down her sword, and stomping away.
"Fine leave..."Vegeta muttered under his breath. She wouldn't co-operate.

"Hey Vegeta, how's the training going?" Krillin asked as he approached.

"It's not," Vegeta replied, "Im sick of that bitch, all she does is giggle, or complain, I quit."

As Vegeta stomped away in the opposite direction, Halamoii sprang a surprise attack on him, and kicked him square in the jaw. Vegeta went flying,

"You bitch!" he shouted, and powered up to Super Sayain.

"What the fuck!" Halamoii screamed, now scared. She tip toed behind Krillin who just sorta looked at Vegeta.

Vegeta powered down, his hair returning to that unnatural black. He smirk. "You chicken shit." he muttered,a s he approached the two slowly. Halamoii cowered low, so Vegeta couldn't see her behind the balding midget.

Vegeta was less than three feet away. Halamoii shouted, and sprang up from behind Krillin. Her short yellowy green hair, spiking up and turning gold. A green aura of light surrounded her, as she powered up a kamehameha.

Vegeta backed away, and also powered up, they were just about to fire, whne Krillin ran between the two.

"Alright you guys, you don't want to blow up the whole earth do you?" they both shrugged. But reluctantly powered down. Vegeta flew off to some unknown place, and Halamoii walked over to where she dropped her sword, and picked it up. While she started to walk home, Krillin ran up to her.

"What do you think your doing, fighting Vegeta like that."

"I'm stronger than him," Halamoii humphed.
"Oh yeah right, "Krillin said, "and Im 6 foot 6 with a full head of hair
Halamoii giggled.
"Well maybe Im not stronger than him," Halamoii said, but,"

"But what?" Krillin asked, "you don't even hold that sword right.

Halamoii took offens e to this, "I do so!" she shouted, and started to run away.
Krillin rose into the air, and landed in front of her.
"You can't even fly." he mocked.

"What is your fuckin problem?" Halamoii shouted. "Just cuz no one's ever taught me anything, doesn't mean you can mock me. What am I supposed to do? Teach myself?".

"No." Krillin said, as Halamoii passed him, and continued thumping towards her home in the woods. "I'll teach you."

"You will?" Halamoii asked excitedly. "Oh goodie!"

So Krillin trained Halamoii for over a year, and until they were finished, they had no other hum contact, other than #18, and Marron. It was "part of her training" not to worry herself with other people. By the time they were finished, Halamoii was almost a better sword handler than Trunks, and she had reached super saiyan lever two.


Halamoii flew swiftly to Capsule Corp, she didn't bother knocking on the door. She just burst in, and demanded, "where's Vegeta?"

Bulma came to the door, "oh hi sweety!" she said, she had a soft spot for Halamoii, the same way Piccolo had one for Gohan. No on understood it, and Halamoii never really knew how lucky she was.

"Hi Bulma!" Halamoii cooed changing her personality from bitch to sweet. "Do you know where Vegeta is?"

"Im right here," Vegeta stepped foreward, Halamoii's face hardened. "Long time no see little bitch."

Halamoii nodded, "likewise,"was all she said.

Vegeta nodded, and they stepped outside. They both powered up. Vegeta went super saiyan, so did Lye. The Lye burst with an orange aura, she went Super saiyan 2. Vegeta growled. He did the same.

Halamoii attacked, and yadda yadda yadda, they fought for a long time, all the while Krillin watched from the sidelines.

Vegeta was whopping Halamoii's ass. She was all battered and bruised, and had a few broken ribs, and two black eyes, and was bleeding from numerous orifices, but still she didn't give up.

She attacked again, knocking Vegeta down when he was off guard. He was pretty beat up too, but not as bad as her.

Krillin watched worriedly. Halamoii had reached her limit as far as power goes. And Vegeta was still stronger. The poor kid tried so hard. As he watched, both participants anger grew. Krillin soon realized this was not some simple spar, this was something more, they were fighting to the death. Both to prove they were stronger than the other. And just as Vegeta was about to kill Halamoii with one last ki blast, Krillin ran in front. Vegeta didn't even see him until after he fired. He gasped. Krillin was dead.

Hell, Halamoii was practically dead to. Vegeta flew off in fear of what Krillin's friends and family would do to him, he just left them there, so that whoever found them would think they killed each other.

Well it was poor Chi Chi who found them. Bulma had called, and Chi Chi was coming over for dinner, when she saw the two beaten bodies lying on the ground, soaked in blood.

She screamed and fainted. Then Bulma found them, and healed Halamoii with her high techness, but there was nothing she could do for Krillin. But when Halamoii was better. She collected the dragonballs, and summoned Shenlong.

The great dragon arose. Halamoii asked for Krillin to be returned to earth, but the dragon wouldn't allow it. So Halamoii offered her own life in return for Krillin's. Bulma pleaded with her not to do it, she had never liked Krillin anyway, but she had to. So Halamoii dies, and Krillin came back, but that is not the end.

In the other dimension, Halamoii met up with lye and her father. They hung out and we happy for a while, but the other dimension is so damn boring, that they decided to return. It wasn't easy, they had to do a lot of bribing and stuff, but eventually they returned to earth. A demon, a saiyan, and a saiyan-demon. One big happy family.

Next time, on Dragonball z: The Naquette family has returned to earth, but how will the dbz gang react?